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Mar 11, 2014 6:00pm EDT
quote make sure. the nsa, not just the u.s. this is a global issue. there are setting fire to the future of the internet. the people who are in this room now. >> at lord snowdon they're talking about the tech responds
Mar 7, 2014 6:00am PST
quote important. they send messages right now as u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel has done earlier this week announcing that the u.s. would step up joint air patrols over the baltic peninsula, that's a clear sign of support to
Mar 11, 2014 6:00pm EDT
quote sure. the nsa, not just the u.s. this
Mar 3, 2014 8:30pm EST
in switzerland that had 52, 000 customers and $18 million in assets. and sent swiss bankers on u.s. soil to assist them. they acknowledged what they were up to and committed to stop: they signed a deferred prosecution agreement and agreeed to close them and turned over 250 names. and the proceeding that took another year, they cuffed up more accounts for a total of 4700 accounts. ubs' action sent a signal that cheats better pay up or face prosecution. thousands of people with accounts in other offshore secrecy jurisditions joined a voluntary program to disclose themselves by the irs. and 43,000 taxpayers have paid back taxes, interest and penalties totaling $6 billion with more. tax evaders acted to avoid being prosecutes. ubs signaled a shift in the off size world. switzerland declared they would no longer use secrecy laws. a flurry of new tax information agreements were signed around the world promising new transparency. the g-20 world leeraders declar quote the era of bank secrecy is over. well five years later it isn't gone. billions in unpaid taxes remain uncollected thanks to tax e
Mar 10, 2014 10:00am PDT
quote . >> the nsa, this sort of global mass surveillance that's occurring in all of these countries, not just the u.s., and important to remember this is a global issue. they are setting fire to the future of the internet and the people who are in this room now, you guys are all the firefighters. and we need you to help us fix this. >> nbc's sara dollof has more
Mar 10, 2014 10:00am PDT
quote streaming online now. snowden appeared before a background of the u.s. constitution and spoke about the need for accountability for government agencies doing this mass surveillance. he also discussed the need for
Mar 8, 2014 4:00pm PST
quote heard from the u.s.-based company who says that 20 of its employees were on the plane. 12 were malaysian and 8 are c i chinese. and the company from austin, texas, says that we are solely focused on the employees and their families. our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragic event. the plane took off from kuala lumpur, the capital of malaysia with 239 passengers and crew on board. no wreckage has turned up, but one clue is giving people a bad feeling in that several miles of oil slick have been spotted in thailand on the general flight plan that it was on and looks possibly like jet fuel. we are joined by andrew stevens there in beijing, and andrew, for those people there, a gutting and painful moment for them, and are they getting any new information and has anybody
Mar 10, 2014 10:00am PDT
quote . pulling back, 1.1 million u.s. government contractors have some kind of security clearance and
Mar 20, 2014 6:00am EDT
with these communications. target is the one you are going after and the statute requires the target be a non-u.s. person located overseas. that is the determination we are talking about as we go through great lengths to make sure that target belongs to a non-u.s. person overseas. the other questions? tasking, when you are saying going to test this town, collect information from that account. so you are identifying this one is going to be approved. a terrorist or proliferators or cyberperson or whoever it is, we get that information. and that is the overarching order that goes to the company. and complied with taskings. >> that asked my colleagues. >> the statutory term. and operational term to refer to something like an e-mail or phone number, legal process, tasking being internal government terms for how you started the collection on a particular sector. >> building on that what is the rationale for collections? if the target is the e-mail account or the phone number, what is the justification for gathering communications between two persons who were discussing the phone number or e-mail address, there
of the panelists. are you confident that if the eu and the u.s. failed to take effective measures, will china be encouraged to do the same thing in its neighborhood? and secondly, [indiscernible] other the u.s. balance-rebalance will the u.s. balance-rebalance suffer? >> if i heard it all, i will start out. i think the chinese sympathies probably lag more with the russians. but i do not think they're going to enter, because they are [indiscernible] on the issue of territories being shifted around, for example, to that. i don't think you'll find the chinese standing up and shouting for the russians. >> anyone else? roger? >> in terms of the second part of the question, it is hard to understand exactly what pivot to asia meant. it was a phrase and it has floated out there and there have been meetings about it. it is not altogether clear, to me, at least, what it has meant. but i think what president putin has presented the west with is a strong case for looking again at the transatlantic alliance, looking again at the defense budget, looking again at the fact that the european neighborhood is n
Mar 26, 2014 8:00am PDT
backing for organizations for jihadi byanizations, isn't opposed the u.s. more vigorously. >> despite saudi arabia's funding and arming of militants in syria, iraq, and beyond, president obama is set to visit the kingdom this week to meet king abdullah. we will speak with patrick cockburn on "al qaeda's second night. why the global war on terror went wrong." then, right to heal. >> people need to support iraq is people right to reparation. you are thousands of families that have birth defects and women who have been trafficked with no right of citizenship now. all of that needs to be addressed. >> 11 years ago this month, the u.s. invaded iraq will stop today, group of iraq is elaine's and u.s. veterans of the war come together in washington to demand u.s. government be held accountable for the lasting effects of war at home and abroad. where 529 to egypt supporters of the muslim brotherhood have been sentenced to death. we will speak with democracy now! correspondent sharif abdel kouddous will stop all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and
Mar 14, 2014 2:00pm EDT
. >> it seems they are talking across purposes if you parse mr. lavrov's comments. the u.s. is telling russia that you have violated international law. russia is telling the u.s., mind your business. is that where we are at? >> that would be the translation from diplomatic speak and to regularly which. said,ing that lavrov "crimea as more integral and more important to us than the balkans were to great britain -- were tolands unde great britain." we know the boat is happening in crimea. the russians will respect the outcome of that vote. the u.s. is hoping respecting the outcome does not mean annexation. i think they are prepared that it may mean that. in which case, as ryan said, we're talking about sanctions coming out on monday. eu far is the u.s. and willing to go? will there be economic warfare? >> who stands to lose the most from the sanctions? >> whoever they want to designate in terms of seizing their assets. those could be ukrainian as well is russian. those could be those oligarchs. it could go all the way up to the leadership of the russian government. i don't think the u.s. and th
Al Jazeera America
Mar 20, 2014 7:00pm EDT
are getting a hint in the u.s. treasuries chld yields on ten year notes, that is the interest rate, and risen yesterday. that is not a lot but in the world of bonds it is big, the part that matters is the yield, the interest rate on the ten year note that determines the mortgage rate. not what the feds decide, sometimes the ten year note marches to its own tune and when it does, it could cost you more. today on twitter and facebook i have been asking you high interest rates for the saves or lower rates on the loans. bryan tweets... christopher says... tell me what you think by tweeting me. or leave us a comment on facebook. okay. ma will debate what effect if any that the rising rates have on the american growth and one worried about the ripple effects of the slow down in china and the affects on the world and the united states. he served of the monetary fund. he's coauthored a book this time is different, 8 centuries offaling and professor at harvard and sitting on the economic advisory council in the federal reserve bank in new york. we got this news of, something of a slow down in china an
Mar 2, 2014 4:01pm EST
is the u.s. interests and thus remaining even if it is a residual forces or advisors to help train and rebuild? guest: there is a general assessment that while we have made progress in a innocent, including with equipping afghan national security forces, they are not really ready to stay in the field very effectively if we leave very rapidly. with equippn national security forces, they are not really ready to stay in the field very effectively if we leave very rapidly. they have been trained. there are caps and the officer corps. they do not have the communications of war, the organization. will be anure they effective security force without us. the point would be to try to enough forces to gradually reduce that over time rather than do it all at once. forces willthat the fall apart. host: please discuss the outcome where the u.s. try soldiers for crimes committed. who accounts for the contractors? guest: it is a problem. there are an enormous amount of contracts. i am sure many see this as critical to why they would a bilateralts of security agreement. there is an important point
Mar 3, 2014 2:00pm EST
. >> the u.s. deputy trade representative says without presidential trade promotion authority, the u.s. is at a great disadvantage to other countries. the authority would give the president authority to to negotiate international agreements that congress could approve or disapprove but not amend or filibuster. this discussion was part of the national association for business economics policy conference, it runs about 50 minutes. >> please join me in welcoming ambassador miriam shapiro and jeffrey shatt. we add a wonderful session last fall that i had the pleasure of moderating with ambassador carla hills and ambassador wilson, and it was the 20th anniversary of nafta, and we took a look back at what nafta had achieved and a look forward at what nafta still had to achieve. and it would be wonderful if 20 years from now we could have the psalm -- the same session focusing on ttip and tap. ambassador shapiro will talk about her role in them, and jeff shatt will also talk about their likelihood of passage and some of the details and hurdles to be overcome. so i didn't even introduce myself
Mar 11, 2014 5:00am EDT
as the latest diplomatic efforts falter. >>> u.s. congress is set to launch a probe into general motors recall of nearly 1.6 million vehicles worldwide. >>> plus, puerto rico will test investors appetites today as they sell $3 billion worth of bonds, the largest ever high yield debt deal. >>> hello. warm welcome to today's "worldwide exchange." the mystery of a missing malaysia airline flight continues today with no signs of its disappearance. >> we are looking into four areas. one is hijacking, two sabotage, three psychological problem of the crew and, four, personal problem among the crew. >> malaysian authorities have heard one of the men traveling on a stolen passport is iranian. officials say they believe he has no link to terrorist groups. cnbc's sri is n joining us this morning. >> they lay out these four areas of investigation. when they talk about personal problems amongst the crew and passengers, what are they alluding to? >> the police chief didn't really elaborate exactly, but he did say -- and i think that he was speculating on this -- is that there could be an element of insuranc
Mar 18, 2014 4:00am PDT
's not turned out to be such a good plan for some major u-s companies. and....why yahoo is this week's hot stock to watch... that's all ahead on today's first business! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! i'm bill moller in for angela miles in today's first look: there will be consequences! president obama announced sanctions against russia for engineering the succession referendum in crimea. and he threatened further punishment. so what did the markets do? they all rose on monday and not by a little, especially the dow. after 5 sessions of gains, gold closed lower as investors moved into stocks. and after 2 up sessions, oil ended down. factories are crankin' it up. u-s manufacturing output was bigger last month than it's been in 6 months. assembly lines cranked out more cars, chemicals and business equipment helping lift the economy from january's snowstorms. and it's the biggest study yet to see if the stuff in dark chocolate can in fact help prevent heart attacks and strokes. sadly for the 18- thousand participants, the nutrien
Mar 26, 2014 1:00pm EDT
quote now added seven plants in the last seven years in the u.s. to keep one rising demand for commercial airplane engines back to you. >> check out chairs of spirit arrow systems which is a major supplier to boeing and airbus. 10 former employees are suing the company alleging that spirit arrow laid them off because of their high health care costs. the charges were filed with the office of civil eithers. the stock is currently off it's session high so still up about half a%. back to you. >> thank you. venture capitalists known for taking big risks on little known start ups that become the next facebook or facebook take over. this year's forbes list ranks the titans of silicon valley where the top players along took part in exits. bruce welcome back to cnbc. >> yeah. >> how did you put this list
Mar 19, 2014 9:30am EDT
reinsert a problem when you said u.s. person selectors were not used for upstream collection or upstream searches, they are not used at all period at the collection stage. you are saying u.s. person identifiers or selectors are not used to search the required data base of communications that were otherwise acquired on a particular rise to basis under the upstream program. correct? >> correct. i would prefer not to introduce more ambiguity. let me be absolutely clear. section 702 collection of any flavor is only targeting non-u.s. persons to be located abroad. the topic i was discussing was in the realm of that lawfully collected targeted information once it is in the government's possession the secondary issue arises as to how one can search through that data and the issue we were discussing was whether those searches can be conducted using personal identifiers in that collected data and the answer to that question is no with respect to upstream collection. >> when you are talking about search and collect and acquire, all of those terms you are using to mean in a colloquial sense when a
Mar 17, 2014 1:00pm EDT
it is in the u.s. or much of western -- and the western world. it is a company in the sweet spot of tea categories in the chinese economy. the chinese economy is becoming more consumer oriented. that is a big base and investors will want to see some serious topline and bottom-line growth to support the valuation of $200 billion. >> isn't the alibaba sales growth rate slowing down? >> we think so but we have not seen actual numbers. you expect a slowdown but how much? is the growth organic? they have done a lot of acquisitions but is it a situation like sales first were most of the growth is through acquisitions or is the business truly growing? that thee concerns is tier one cities in china have seen a lot of growth for e-commerce online social media businesses. after you pass those cities, there is not a lot of growth in china. it could be limiting their growth potential because not all of china is available to them. >> weibo says their growth is slowing down. to us a little about the significance of both alibaba and weibo looking to go public at the same time. what advantages thereof
Al Jazeera America
Mar 24, 2014 3:00am EDT
, including the u.s. and europe. >> there are growing fears that other parts of ukraine will breakaway following the annexation of crimea. two pro-russian groups fought in donetsk in the east. it happened during a rally. n.a.t.o. alliance is concerned about a threat to mald owa, the nearest allied to ukraine. there's fears that others may want to join the russian federation. n.a.t.o.'s top commander is warning about a build-up of russian troops on the eastern border. >> if russia is worried about a country moving to the west, a way to solve that is an unkurtion, a frozen conflict and no one wants to bring that nation into n.a.t.o., because it may mean conflict with russia. >> the u.s. is hoping china will take a more proactive stance. chinese president are scheduled to meet with president obama at the hague. china abstained for a u.s. council resolution, instead of voting with russia. the u.s. determined this as potential for leverage. with barack obama on a soft power tour many are watching which side, if any, the chinese will report. >> we go live to beijing. margo, the u.s. presiden
Mar 26, 2014 5:00am PDT
talks with a nudge from the u.s. president. >>> the u.s. government is expected to announce a massive overhaul of the national security agency's surveillance policies. >>> and volunteers in northeastern japan are touching lost mementos to help remind people of their past. >>> the leaders of japan and south korea have held their first formal talks since they both assumed office. japanese prime minister shinzo abe and south korean president park geun-hye have been caught up in disputes over history and territory. but they sat down together with u.s. president barack obama. nhk world has a report. >> reporter: the leaders of japan and south korea finally agreed to talk on the sidelines of the nuclear security summit in the hague. president obama had pushed both leaders to mend their strained relations before his official visit to the asian region in april. >> this is the first time that the three of us have had an opportunity to meet together and discuss some of the serious challenges that we all face. obviously japan and the republic of korea are two of our closest allies in the world.
Mar 1, 2014 12:00am EST
volume of criminal laws on the books and how they are apportioned among the various titles of the u.s. code. it's really a matter of what is the impact over over criminalization on society. and i think that from the standpoint of how the committee should approach this issue, i think we should do it in a piecemeal fashion as opposed to an overall solution, because it would simply take too much time to get at the worst aspects of overcriminallization and in my mind, it has to do with the realm of drug prosecutions, and to taked back on one of the issues that mr. labrador raised, the defendant's ability to take a case to trial. anytime you can get a two to three percent base offense -- excuse me -- offense level downward, departure, for acceptance of responsibility, then it means that if you go to trial, then you are going to be deprived of that downward departure, and in fact you would probably end up at the top end if you dared to go to trial and then testify. so, you actually get punished for having a trial and taking the stand and testifying. you may do so because you feel like you'r
Mar 22, 2014 10:00am EDT
today we will spend the next few hours discussing the global and u.s. economy. first, a discussion on developing economies and long-term trends around the world followed by douglas elmendorf with a closer look at his role in the u.s. economy. janet yellen holter first news conference. >> shortly after world war ii, and a time of growing international tensions and increased xp notch activity, the department of state became convinced that a military force was needed to guarantee the security of its foreign services establishments around the world. students are taught the fundamentals of security. they learn of the halls and problems which are hazards to security, particularly the adverse effect on security of incidents of misconduct. an adverse effect on your duties involving security. to know is speaking, these areas are the black market, illegal drivingchange, reckless and early marriage. film from training the state department security post. sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. now a discussion on the state of the global economy focusing on u.s. monetary policy, potential probl
Mar 3, 2014 10:30pm EST
with our u.s. tax laws and when we talk about u.s. customers, 18,900 of those accounts that closed in today there are about 3500 that have been determined are in compliance. are those numbers correct? >> those numbers are correct as of today but i would like to add that in total we have reviewed tax compliance some 6678 of which about half, 3000 have been closed and 3000 the number you have just mentioned are still with us. >> so what is the total number of accounts that we no longer have of the 22,000? >> the 18,000 number you mentioned. and if i may add mr. chairman, we had a large population of u.s. resident clients. i would say 11,000 i believe that had account balances below 1 million dollars under asset management and they were not even given the option to stay because to move to one of our fully u.s. license broker dealers you needed $1 million is the minimum balance. 18,000 of these did not have the opportunity to prove tax compliance. >> mr. cerutti your u.s. policy required that swiss accounts open for u.s. residents be concentrated in a single swiss office we talked about the sla
FOX Business
Mar 17, 2014 10:00pm EDT
sanctions to were imposed to. by u.s., and europe. listen to president obama speak of these sanctions as though they were penalty against putin and russia for the invasion of crimea. >> we're imposing sanctions to specific individuals responsible for undermineing sovereignty, serer toal integrity -- territoryial integrity. making it clear there are consequences for their actions. >> reporter: consequences. 11 russia and ukrainian officials were targeted with sanctions, but many of the people that were targeted laughed off the tepid, measures saying they have no overseas assets that would be affected. it appears only one taking such sanctions, seriously is president obama himself. and then most like lionsly for benefit of -- likely, only for benefit of cameras and microphones. in fact, dow today surgeed 182 points, and snaped a five-day closeing streak. global rally was as much a resounding cheer for putin, as anything else. putin has just rubbed noses of merkel, and obama, in it. suggestions it is time to close this chapter in u.s. russian relations and perhaps begin a new. perhaps, a
Mar 2, 2014 1:00pm PST
these incredible photos. president obama is meeting now with the national security team and will call u.s. allies later in the day. putin needs to roll it back in c crimea. >> all options are on the table. but that russia need to understand this is serious. 27,000 people chanted in favor of putins moves inside ukraine. protesters rallied. we are covering every angle of the crisis. ben weideman is in crimea and michelle is tracking political developments here at the white house. ben, we are going to begin with you. to describe the photos that you took today of soldiers on the ground around those bases there. hundreds of soldiers in dark green uniforms no license plates have surrounded the base of the army. they are not attempting to go inside meanwhile inside there are many soldiers who say that they will not surrender to these forces inside. supporters and opponents of the russian presence, but this is indicative of a situation we are seeing in three different locations here. we have learned that the ele electricity has been cut to the main base here as well. so these forces that we presume are r
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 3:00am EST
i'll see you online. >> isolate russia politically, diplomatically and economically. >> the u.s. threatens russia over the crisis in ukraine. >> in crimea soldiers forced to choose loyalty to ukraine or russia. [ ♪ music ]. >>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america, live from doha. . >>> also on the program - china ramps up defense spending as the united states cuts back. >>> three of al jazeera's journalists detained in an egyptian prison make their second court appearance in a few hours. >>> and still looking over venezuela a near after his death - hugo chavez remains part of every day life. [ ♪ music ] >>> hello. world powers usually preoccupied with syria are rapidly flying diplomats around the globe to get to grips with ukraine. the united states and europe have been slated against russia. john kerry and sergei lavrov are due to meet in paris. they are meant to talk about syria, but no doubt ukraine will fig fighture. ukrainian soldiers, meanwhile, have been, in some says forced to choose sides. jennifer glasse reports from sevastopol. >> if there's somewhere where the
Mar 8, 2014 2:00am EST
touch more about what americans have paid for the u.s.-israel relationship. i will focus on the dollar and good sense. americans are concerned about nationc issues, as our emerges from the 2008 financial crisis. we are worried about forployment, rising food fuel, affordable housing, and health care costs. we are concerned about our aging infrastructure, crumbling roads, bridges, and decaying schools. it's your eating water systems and electrical power grids. despite our economic fears, americans are a generous people. many of us believed we should help support not just here at home, where we had nearly 50 million americans living in poverty. we also want to give food and medical assistance to help the hungry and foldable, especially children, survive conflicts and crises in the developing world. most americans would be surprised to see how little foreign aid our country actually gives as a percentage of our gross thomistic product when compared with other nations. foreign aid is only one percent of our federal budget. but in tough economic times like those we are facing today, foreign
Mar 3, 2014 1:00am EST
. still favor keeping some u.s. forces there for training and for counterterrorism purposes. this margin of support is an president obama's decision to leave open the possibility of concluding the necessary agreement with a willing partner later this year provides hope that this all can still be worked out. that is despite president karzai's refusal to include the agreement now. but i am afraid that this delay -- couldll move costly still prove costly. thank you. [applause] >> today, the american-israel public affairs committee or ai pac begins its annual conference in washington dc. we will hear from senator john mccain starting live at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span. later in the afternoon on life -- our live coverage continues with secretary of state john kerry and new york senator john schumer, beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern on c-span three. >> next, the future of u.s.-afghanistan relations. speakers include former special representative for afghanistan marc grossman. this is hosted by the u.s. institute of peace. this panel is one hour and 10 minutes. welcome on behalf of u.s
Mar 31, 2014 1:31am EDT
john allen will talk about the election and the planned drawdown of u.s. troops. 10 a.m. on monday on c-span. >> i think the transaction is a lot less scary. it is a lot less large and a lot less complicated than some would like to make it. when you think about it in the video space, it is not a horizontal deal here at we do not compete -- there is not a -- at the end of the day, we will have under 30% of the market. not particularly scary. there is one thing that is appropriate to think about and to discuss. it is implications on the broad band side. i think there is a very good story there as well. lots of potential impacts for the transaction as a result of increased scale and increased investment, again not very scary when you look at market share. as something less than 40% of the broadband share. when you factor in wireless, it is certainly beginning to be an effective competitor and substitute for many uses of again, national share and broadband, make sure that matters. the issue is local share. in no local market will there be any less choice after the transaction vendor is for
Mar 20, 2014 5:00am EDT
, thanks for joining us on the show. you can see how the u.s. indications are for what we're going to be seeing this afternoon when the u.s. markets open. remember that the yellen effect took hold of u.s. markets yesterday. we're just seeing markets being called a couple of points lower, if anything, not by many much. we're really interested to see whether this will last or whether it's a temporary bleep in the markets, as it were. our european markets, though, this morning, we were called quite a bit lower. we're hanging on to these losses by a bit. the ftse 100, 6523, off by 0.7%. yesterday, you and i on the close were looking at markets that were slightly mixed and cautious trade, as well, ahead of the fomc decision. and we've got some data out later today, which could be tradeable, as well. the weekly jobless data, the february existing home sales data, but in the meantime, our european markets are just treading water and taking a few more points off by the looks of things. when it comes to what we're seeing in the fixed income markets, you're seeing back into the u.s. ten-year
Mar 2, 2014 7:00pm EST
who was of special importance to the u.s. unbeknownst to downey and his plane agent, as their came in and a secret location for demanding, they were shot down. the pilots were killed. fellow agentnd his spent 20 years in prison. the mains there until the early 1970's. graduates -- ya le graduates that play crucial roles in early leadership in the central intelligence agency. most people are heroes that we never know about. i have a friend here today whose nephew is injured in the bombing in afghanistan when the cia officers were killed. they served quietly. that is what intelligence work is all about. they have private, less dangerous lives. economichings like analysis or photo interpretation or to intercept conversations and analysis and so on. they are the back own. i kind of thing that they ought to be recognized in the same way that we recognize our military or police officers or first responders or firefighters. the work that they do should be celebrated. , butnnot know what they do the fact that they are there and they are doing her job is what we should be celebrating. one l
Mar 18, 2014 2:00pm EDT
for the annexation of crimea. then, the u.s. treasury says regulation will support virtual currencies. elon musk takes advantage of u.s. dependence on russian rocket engines. to our viewers here in united states and those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks and stories making headlines today. musk'sng details elon hall for the u.s. to reduce dependence on russia in the space program. peter cook, with the latest on russia joining -- on crimea joining the russian federation. busy 24 hours. we had the crisis escalating today when the russian president, after that big speech in front of the parliament in moscow, basically officially absorbing crimea into russia, with a signature on a document. you had western nations condemning that russian action, and promising to respond by stepping up sanctions. they warning the crisis is entering a new, more dangerous phase of live ammunition. the greenlight for that in ukraine. president putin effectively bringing crimea back into the russian fold. kremlinally televised speech where putin defended russia's actio
Mar 27, 2014 5:00am EDT
by force. the u.s. president has called for the international community to apply pressure on russia. >> one of the things that i think medium and long-term we'll have to examine is whether everybody is chipping in. and this can't just be a u.s. exercise or a british exercise or one country's efforts. everybody is going to have to make sure that they are engaged and involved and i think that will help build more confidence among some of those border states. >> that was the president. meanwhile, the russian economy minister has warned of slowing growth this year. alexi has forecast 0.6% gdp groekt for this year. that number is based on the assumption that cash flowing out of russia will top $100 billion. joining us with his thoughts, brian mcmillan, chief investment officer. brian, very good morning to you. people are trying to work out -- >> good morning to you. >> -- the economic back of this political standoff between the west and russia. how do you price it in? >> well, i think the assumption largely in western markets has been everything is okay. and i think the problem is that, in fact,
Mar 16, 2014 6:00pm EDT
why there has never been a better time to buy u.s. government gold coins authorized by congress and how gold can protect your financial future in the face of a massive economic meltdown. $50,000show you how worth of gold coins can become $250,000. experts predict gold could hit the00 an ounce and now is time to buy. our host is an emmy award-winning journalist covering some of the world against stories for more than 20 years. the reporter for one of most-watched news programs, he has been on the frontline of some of the nation's top economic stories. i have been given exclusive access to report on the gold conference. this is a great honor because i'm the only journalist allowed into this conference to meet with the former are and his staff. >> just a few short years ago, the average american lost over one third of their entire life savings in less than one year. many experts predict the next market mel down is on the horizon. gold is one of the most dependable and profitable assets. that's why all americans should own gold right now. ask people who own gold made money. >> there
Al Jazeera America
Mar 17, 2014 5:00am EDT
with syria. >> i'm in the west bank and coming up, as the president prepares to meet with u.s. president barack obama we will tell you what people here are hoping they will achieve. ♪ parliament in moscow is planning to rush through legislation so crimea can join russia, that is after people in the region overwhelmingly chose to break away from ukraine. celebrations in crimea as a result and showed over 96% of voters were in favor of joining russia. but many crimea loyal to kiev boycotted the referendum on sunday and u.s. and europe say it's illegal and threatening russia with more sanctions and eu foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss this and parliament in ukraine is also meet ing this ing in the capital kiev and first this report from barnabie phillips. >> reporter: they were celebrating before the results were announced and feel that a historical injustice has been corrected. in their hearts they always were russians. >> translator: he says the new ukraine government calls itself legitimate but do you think this is illegitimate? we are going home to russia. >> repo
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 2:30pm EST
apardon by the militia the u.s. helps to support. fault lines is here to find out what went wrong. >> on november the 16th after friday prayers, a peaceful demonstration formed in a neighborhood, in west tripoli. local proteste protesters were met by machine gun fire. when the shooting stopped, dozens lay dead, many others were injured. the last kerr took place the day we arrived in libya. by the time we reached the scene, the men there told us the killers had left. the militiamen who took over the area were from the libya shield, the shield that was set up by the libyan government last year but largely decommissioned in june 2013, killing more than 30 people. some of the libya shield fighters said they had been present when the shooting here happened. all that we spoke with were supportive of their brothers in arms. saying moammar gadhafi is still here, saying there's a lot of support for the former regime and they're blaming both supporters on the voifnlings. in another part of the city, the family of one of those killed held a mourning ceremony. when abdul razak went to the mor
Al Jazeera America
Mar 4, 2014 3:30am EST
an indirect but possibly more important consequence on the u.s. if the situation gets out of control. today's drama involve conflicting reports that russia has tightened its grip on crimea, and the u.s. is considering sanctions against russia, and i'll discuss why sanctions may not work, and why the u.s. might not get its allies to go along with them. right now the crisis is having a negative effect on global financial markets. stocks fell across the globe. the dow falling nearly 1%, and the nasdaq problems about three-quarters of a percent. the ruble dropped too, and russia increased its interest rate, that of course hurt russian consumers and the glo l global -- companies that serve them. people piled into u.s. treasuries too, causing interest rates here to fall, and worries sent weak prices jumping nearly 5% because ukraine is the fifth largest wheat exporter this year, russia is number four and suppliers are worried and trade sanctions. russia is also one of the world's largest oil producers, so it has had an impact on oil. and today worries about supplies sent energy prices rising. oi
Mar 16, 2014 5:00pm PDT
think we're in for a very difficult time in russia-u.s. relations. >> schieffer: under sequestration, the administration had to start reducing defense spending do you see that this may require the president going to congress saying we want do this now? we've got something new to think about here. >> we have tremendous military assets under the current budget and projected budgets here. i don't think it's a matter of defense spending here, it's a matter of leadership, it's a matter of stepping up to the moment here and doing the things that we talked about here in terms of embracing the ukraine government and the cost that putin has to pay. there are costs, this line here in washington, nothing we can do about this is just not true. i think we have ail the defense and military assets that we need to implement our foreign policy. but this is an important leadership moment. >> schieffer: you do not see the united states sending troops in to the ukraine. >> colorado i don't. i see but i do see united states leading effort to embrace ukraine and support it in a lot of ways, economically,
Mar 10, 2014 7:00pm EDT
gray was not implicated by jeff thompson in his plea with the u.s. attorney, the mayor was looking pretty good toward reelection. he is already ahead in the polls. if jeff thompson did implicate the mayor as some people thought he would, that's a whole new ball game in the democratic primary for mayor. now jeff thompson said not only did mayor gray know about the shadow campaign, he participated in it and asked for money. this all started when vernon hawkins and two of the mayor's big supporters, two people have who have pleaded guilty, to hatch out this shadow campaign. that's when it all started. it reached when mayor gray met with jeff thompson prior to the september primary of 2010. >> jeff thompson arrived at u.s. district courthouse today about an hour before his hearing before the judge, he could face as little as six months in jail. inside the courtroom, prosecutors deliverewhat is probably thompson's most crucial point. he told harris and hawkins in a private meeting, if the mayor wants me to pay more for a shadow campaign, he'll have to come here and personally ask me him
Mar 13, 2014 6:30pm PDT
for the markets, which were battered by events outside the u.s. in china, in the ukraine, and in germany. we saw first very poor economic news in china where industrial production and retail sales were both weaker than expected in february. that's confirming that china is slowing. we also saw rising tensions in the ukraine where the acting president there said he saw a risk of war with russia and there were reports that russia fired on a ukranian plane over crimea. finally strongly worded comments from german chancellor in which she warned of a catastrophe unless russia backed down saying it would change the european union's relationship are yuwithn yeah. here in the u.s. stocks were weak right across the board. everything from momentum names to consumer discretionary and financials. one positive standout was utilities which was up as traders sought more defensive parts of the markets. in fact the yield on the 10-year treasury dropped about .10 point. that's a sign investors were moving toward more safe investments. little sense of panic. most traders noted we are still only 2% from historic hig
Mar 19, 2014 1:30pm EDT
on civil and political rights in which the u.s. ratified in 1992. article xvii provides, and i quote, no one shall be subject to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy family home or correspondence, end quote. the argument that nsa surveillance violates article xvii of the icc pr is incorrect for several reasons and i will say in my view, international law, an international place international legal restrictions on the nsa, any of the nsa programs with respect to the iccpr first, for the last 64 years, the united states government has taken it this imposition that it does not apply outside the borders of the united states. the u.s. took this position when we negotiated the treaty in 1950 and we articulated it in 1995 when the clinton administration submitted its report to the u.n. human rights committee, which is the group that oversees compliance with the iccpr. my predecessor at the time, the bad legal advisor conrad harper thanked the committee that the iccpr poses allegations on the united states, only inside the united states and that is because article to as the ic
Mar 10, 2014 8:00am PDT
at the human trafficking system that brings tens of thousands of foreign laborers to work on u.s. military bases in afghanistan. we will speak with anjali kamat and sam black. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. multicountry effort is in its third day searching for commercial airliner that disappeared on route from malaysia. carrying 239s people on board. suspicion of a hijacking has grown after it emerged at least two passengers were traveling on stolen passports. a team of ships and aircraft has been scaring the waters between malaysia and vietnam were the plane last made contact, as well as the strata moloch on the opposite side of the malaysian peninsula. no debris has been found so far. a large oil slick was spotted south of vietnam, but its source is yet to be confirmed. tens of thousands took art in rival pro-unity and pro-russian rallies in ukraine sunday at of a planned referendum. crimea said to vote sunday on whether to break off from ukraine and joining russia following the ouster of viktor yanukov
Mar 14, 2014 5:00pm EDT
this weekend, there could be can tip lags, a washout in the markets. >> the u.s. finally in the last couple of days, i saw volatility pick up to levels where i think it should be. i don't think ukraine/crimy mee affects head winds. so, what i would be doing, first of all, xbl materials, you fade that, you at least short that. you protect that. to me, you don't sell the farm here especially if you're an u.s. investor. hedge up risks in the broader market. russia has the potential on the risk/reward, slightly long on russia. emerging markets are going through a painful time, i'll just say this, if you're looking at asia, breakouts in asia and indonesia, it's not every reg n region. >> make the u.s. a safer place to invest. between the u.s. markets so far this year and the some of the developed, emerging markets, we're doing okay? >> marketwise it's fine. the critical level, given the february low was given 17.50. give or take. i think it comes 18.16, 18.17. to your point, i think the rush for safety has been in the form of the bond market. deflation is the enemy. >> what about you? >> i can
Al Jazeera America
Mar 28, 2014 5:00pm EDT
. in both countries the u.s. supported change and publicly backed the will of the people. the will of the people led to egypt's first election with muslim brotherhood winning office there. but mohammed morsi did not last. the muslim brotherhood was ousted by the military after another public up rising just a year later. >> then bashar al-assad used chemical weapons against his own people. the saudis opened that president obama would back up his statement that the syrians should not cross the red line. nuclear negotiations saw modest breakthroughs and the u.s. eased sanctions on iran for the first time in decades. then the king saw an internal danger, public di dissent crept through the cracks of social media. next came riffs between saudi arabia and it's gulf partner qatar. they pulled their embassies out of doha earlier this month saying that they won't stand with anyone supporting regional destabilization. the president's visit comes during a different era in saudi american relations. for decades saudi arabia and the u.s. have been close. the king even visited president
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